Installation of Stoves, Liners and Prefabricated Chimneys

A & B is a partnership which was set up in 2012 by two engineers with a wealth of experience in industry. We are mainly concerned with the fitting of Solid Fuel Stoves.

Installation of Stoves using Existing Chimneys

Houses which were built anytime before the late 60’s will almost certainly need a chimney liner.  These are made from stainless steel wound spirally into two concentric tubes using a special machine.  They are available from at least a dozen different manufacturers and come in different grades of metal (316 and 904).  It is our policy that the inner skin should be made from the higher grade 904.

Insulation of Liners

It is our policy that a newly installed liner should be insulated wherever possible.

Custom Fabrication

All houses are different therefore we are on hand to ensure that everything fits just right and are able to customise designs to make that happen.

What does your list of concerns look like?
  • Speed of response
  • Project planning
  • Value for money
  • Quality workmanship
We tick all the boxes