Who are A&B

A&B Solid Fuel Solutions

The partnership was established approximately five years ago by myself, Peter Anderson and another colleague, when I was made redundant after a long career as an engineer in the Agricultural Tractor Industry.

The intention was to profit from the increasing demand for solid fuel burning devices.  Later on, circumstances changed and I found myself working alone.  I therefore teamed up with a friend, Martin Parker, who also comes from an engineering and farming background.

We are accredited with HETAS, the watchdog body for solid fuel; we are qualified to undertake the installation of non-boiler solid fuel appliances, prefabricated chimney systems and chimney liners.  Remedial work on problem installations is also undertaken.

We are particularly keen to take on work where it is necessary to design and custom make components, this may be work that other businesses have rejected as being too difficult.

A&B is insured through HETAS insurance services.

Peter Anderson